Sales Gamification – The Thrill Of Competition

The thrill of competition.  It’s something we’ve experienced since competing for our first trophy in soccer, a chess tournament, baseball, or a spelling bee.  Competition can motivate us, drive us to be creative and innovative, and to find ways to work as a team toward a common goal.  And when you achieve your goal, there’s no feeling quite like it.  It’s why so many of us continue to find ways to seek out competition as adults… fantasy football, coaching, video games, cards, 5K’s, and so on.

In sales, we all understand the importance of competition.  It’s a pretty simple formula, if you don’t compete you don’t survive.  So if competition is a critical driver in sales, why don’t we see the excitement like we do with other competitions?  Sure it feels good to meet or exceed your numbers, get your bonus, or get promoted.  But something’s still missing.