4 Ways Implementation Partners Save You Money

Buying a new technology solution to align your sales and marketing teams is an exciting time. We go through the long sales process… establishing what we need in a solution, demoing the solution, having review calls with the solution experts, signing the contracts, and anxiously waiting for the magical moment where we get the proverbial “keys to the castle.” After receiving our shiny new login credentials, we want to hit the ground running.

It’s at this very moment where a quick pause is best. Technology solutions are not cheap, especially the “ideal” one we need to get our teams working in harmony. Not only are these solutions not cheap, they also require ongoing support resources to manage the solution, and they require upgrades, customization, and troubleshooting on a regular basis.

These tasks are not for the faint of heart, nor for individuals with little-to-no training on the solution itself or best practices surrounding the type of solution and need it fills. For example, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools require expertise in how they are designed, what industry-specific functionality would greatly help users, and what customizations would not be ideal in certain situations, etc. Hiring an implementation partner to get the new solution up and running the right way, the first time, with the correct setup, addresses many pitfalls and ultimately saves your company money. Here are some reasons why:

  • Implementation partners should setup and customize solutions the right way, the first time. This saves time and money because rework is expensive. Implementation partners provide a short-cut to best practices, experience, and industry-specific customization that does not readily exist within many organizations.
  • In setting up a solution the correct way, the data becomes, remains, and will be accessible in the most appropriate ways. This means exporting data, importing data, storing customer records, orders, information, history, etc. will be available to necessary parties and without significant difficulty. This can save a great deal of money in the future when organizations realize their data is difficult to obtain, or they do not know how to obtain it. Implementation partners save money in the fact they prevent future solution restructures or workaround solutions.
  • Implementation partners provide skillsets, training, and support along the bumpy road of launch, change management, adoption, and technical solution enhancements. These specific skill sets aren’t necessarily needed all the time, and therefore, can become costly to hire permanently. Instead of hiring internally, organizations can save money by utilizing the services of implementation partners for the needs at hand, when they arise.
  • What happens when departments or persons at an organization have multiple or conflicting ideas related to an improvement or enhancement to the solution? Implementation partners provide a sounding board – an agnostic critique or viewpoint - for innovative ideas and future strategies/goals. This minimizes internal time in discussions, reviews, and analyses and can help speed up the improvement process without extensive time/effort investment by internal individuals.

At the end of the day, the solution will always be yours. It is yours to do with it what you feel is best for the team and your organization. Implementation partners will not always know the day-to-day challenges and details you discuss or deal with in your organization. But, in working with you, they can help alleviate the burden of adoption and training, the need for customization and support, and will help you reach your goals with sound reason and expertise while limiting what sometimes can be an extensive investment.