4 Quick Tips to Improve your 'Contact' Page

If the ‘Contact’ page on your website isn’t getting enough attention from site visitors, and you hope for two or three contact webform submissions per-month; it may be time to reconsider the layout of your contact page and contact webform. There is not a one-size-fits-all contact page or webform that is guaranteed to generate more leads for your business. However, if you consider these 4 tips for contact pages and webforms, you can expect to see an increase in submissions this year.


1.   Keep the Fields in the Webform Simple and Limited:

The longer a form takes to fill out, the less likely a site visitor will be to fill it out. Ensure that you have the basics: first & last name, email address, and message fields; all of which should be required fields. Site visitors are often skeptical of providing their phone number and will elect not to if the field is not required.


2.   Be Unique with your Contact Page Heading:

Break out of the traditional ‘send us a message’ or ‘we want to hear from you’ headings for your contact page. Get creative. Have a header message that is unique to your industry and give a glimpse into the value your company could provide to the site visitor.


3.   One Unique Field in the Webform:

In conjunction with keeping the fields limited and simple, it is good practice to have 1-2 fields that are unique to your business that collect important pieces of information. For example, a commercial architectural firm might have a ‘Project Type’ field in which the site visitor can choose from a pick-list of common projects. Using an industry-unique field will give your inside sales team a helpful talking point as you move the lead forward following their webform submission.


4.   Personalize the Field Instructions:

Rather than the message field in the webform simply containing the word ‘message,’ consider a more eye-catching phrase such as ‘how can we help you make your next million?’ A creative field instruction disrupts the usual pattern of mundane contact webforms and may elicit a more thoughtful, detailed message from the site visitor.


We recommend taking these tips into consideration as the 2018 business year continues. A minor improvement to your Contact page or contact webform may help increase the number of leads generated from your website.