8 CRM Reports Marketers Agree Help Grow the Business

A new year brings an array of new growth goals for businesses for every product and service. Goals, however, can often be derailed by lack of insight and outdated information. Make sure that your marketing team is equipped with the following 8 CRM reports this year.

1.    Profitability reports

This explains which specific customers/clients your profits are coming from and can be a useful tool for marketers when assessing which products/services ought to be either “sunsetted” or marketed more heavily.  

2.    Sales cycle reports

Monitors the specific stages in the sales cycle, response time to move to the next stage, and time spent in a specific stage. This can be helpful for marketers who are strategic in their insertion of marketing efforts throughout the sales cycle.

3.    Pipeline reports

This report helps marketers understand how the leads, originating from marketing efforts, are progressing towards a sale and assists them in determining which marketing investments to make along the way to speed up the process.

4.    Sales forecast reports

This report more accurately predicts future revenues and assists marketers in understanding where to preemptively allocate marketing funds to ensure sales team results.

5.    Goal progress reports

This shows how a marketing campaign is performing based upon a preset goal. For example, the goal of a business may be to convert 20% of leads into sales.

6.    High value customer reports

This report is useful for customer account penetration. It monitors and tracks high value customers and their buying habits, so the marketing team can ensure that appropriate efforts are made to place new products and services in front of those customers. 

7.    Customer loyalty

This report is exclusive to customers who have repeatedly purchased from you. It also informs Marketing which products/services repeat customers buy the most. This can be a helpful insight when determining product-specific marketing efforts.  

8.    Customer satisfaction

This report displays which products are rated the highest among customers. Marketers can use this data to seek out product-specific testimonials from satisfied customers when creating product marketing content.


As you approach 2018’s marketing objectives, consider adding a few of these reports to your CRM. Having the right data in front of you to assist in your marketing decisions is a good formula to a successful business year with goals met and growth achieved.